Shamsutdinov Vil
Drums: TAMA
Symbals: SABIAN (B8)
Twin Pedals: TAMA (iron cobra)
Kalabukhov Alexei
Bass Guitars: B.C.RICH (R)
Strings: D'Addario (SW 400)
Bakharev Yuri
Microphones: SHURE beta 58A
Guitars: B.C.RICH (warlock)
Processor: DIGITECH (RP 100)
Strings: DEAN MARKLEY (REG-2503B)
Guitar Radio System: SHURE 03-VT 505
Dumansky Andrei
Guitars: B.C.RICH (mocking birth)
Processor: DIGITECH (RP 6)
Strings: D'Addario (EXL 110)
Guitar Radio System: SHURE 03-VT 505
© MAD V 1994-10

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The band was formed on December 20th 1994 with the rowdy name MAD VAGINAL. The style was quick and cheerful hard core with unprintable lyrics. Membership: Sergey Bakharev– vocals, bass-guitar; Yuri Bakharev– guitar, vocals; Andrew Dumansky - guitar; Vil Shamsutdinov – drums. The band began to develop very quickly; they gave performances on different festivals and in clubs. On November 1995 the band recorded 45minute demo «Sinada-Minada». When the band began to get remarkable successes, Sergey Bakharev left it because of the differences of opinion on style. The fact is that the other part of band wanted to play trash metal, and that was the time to realize the wish. Yuri Bakharev became the main vocalist, and the new bass-guitarist was Andrew Shestakov. The band began to work on absolutely new program. On November 1996 MAD V performed at the festival ART-Start in Chelyabinsk and took prize as “The Most Colourful Band”. On April 1998, after the festival ART-Platform in Magnitogorsk, where the band won in the nomination “ART-Master”, Shestakov decided to left the band and to play jazz. Petr Gorst was accepted for the band as a guitarist, and Yuri Bakharev began to play the bass-guitar. The band took part in various bike-parties, festivals and clubs. On May 2002 MAD V went to Ufa’s “Zhelezniy Marsh-3” in new membership - Alexsei Kalabukhov came instead of Petr Gorst. Now the band is: Yuri Bakharev–vocals; guitar; Andrew Dumansky - guitar; Alexsei Kalabukhov – bass-guitar; Vil Shamsutdinov – drums. On August 2004 MAD V recorded the album at “Snegovik”(Ufa). It contains 10 tracks and completely conformed to the canons of style – it’s the powerful, quick and at the same time melodic trash metal. On December 24th 2004 the presentation of the album had place, and the band celebrated its 10th birthday. The concert went off successfully. It proves once more that in spite of the fashion and a great account of pop-music bands, trash metal remains to be all-sufficient, bright, important style of hard music. Now the band prepared for the recording of new album at full speed, which should be released on December 2005.

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