Shamsutdinov Vil
Drums: TAMA
Symbals: SABIAN (B8)
Twin Pedals: TAMA (iron cobra)
Kalabukhov Alexei
Bass Guitars: B.C.RICH (R)
Strings: D'Addario (SW 400)
Bakharev Yuri
Microphones: SHURE beta 58A
Guitars: B.C.RICH (warlock)
Processor: DIGITECH (RP 100)
Strings: DEAN MARKLEY (REG-2503B)
Guitar Radio System: SHURE 03-VT 505
Dumansky Andrei
Guitars: B.C.RICH (mocking birth)
Processor: DIGITECH (RP 6)
Strings: D'Addario (EXL 110)
Guitar Radio System: SHURE 03-VT 505
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Devastation is power and temptation,

Emptiness predicted after burn.

Ash and dust without incantation,

Times precious now! Apocalyptic overturn!



Revelation will come someday and kill us.

Our lives cost less than lives of rats.

Everyone will feel kiss of nuclear blast,

Well know what are the incantations of the death!



All youve liked and everything youve hated

Now is crashed, and you will also die.

They destruct that they never created,

Is it the truth? Enjoy last moment of your life!






My hatreds rotten

Among the angels

Im on the bottom

You are in danger

What is the truth inside?

Im death in mask

I have no faith tonight

My thoughts are bloody my thoughts are bloody crafty task



One step! One step!

The only to trap

One step! One step!

To burst and to wreck

One step! One step!

To deliver the spite

One step! One step!

To the beast in the night


This wars in myself

My inside conflict



The darkness beckons

The light is power

What am I making?

Where is way-out?

The choice that I make

Is bloody wound

And though my weak hands shake

I can choose something; I can choose something very soon


In the next life my soul will be free

Therell be no injustice and greed

But the nightmares are surrounding me

Devastation is all that I see